Shaped mats with foam inside



Shaped mats with foam inside

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Teloni Tosetto creates shaped foam rubber mattresses, ideal for composing a play structure for children.

A nursery school in the province of Treviso has commissioned Teloni Tosetto to produce a series of padded mats that, when assembled together, form an ideal play structure / course for the entertainment of children.

The mattresses are padded with 25 density foam, so as to reduce falls. They are covered with non-toxic colored PVC to allow children to play in complete safety. It is also possible to combine the mats with each other through the velcro on the sides thus creating paths that are always different and suitable for the spaces available.

Uses and Benefits of Stuffed Mattresses:

  1. They are ideal for games and children parties, but they can also be used inside gyms, nursery schools and kindergartens;
  2. They are a safe tool for the growth and psychomotor development of the child;
  3. Create a soft multi-purpose area on which the child can have fun and rest.

Once again, Teloni Tosetto confirms itself as a reliable and versatile partner using safe materials and realizing projects that are adaptable to different spaces and needs.