Veranda Racing

Verandas – our temporary additional rooms
Teloni Tosetto has developed a new concept of temporary environment / room.
These are structures installed on large campers or motorhomes that adapt to the most varied uses in both the sports and the catering sectors.

Veranda Racing is an exclusive and new concept product, used in the most important car-sporting events, such as the Ferrari Challenge, the Maserati Challenge and the Italian motorcycling championship. It allows the creation of an area to be used as a Vip Village during the banquet that generally follows competitive races.

Obviously, the PVC fabric used for the roof and the side walls is handcrafted with the possibility of inserting transparent fabric parts to give greater lighting to the environment.

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It is a highly customized product.
The structure and the cover are made to the specific customer specifications.

Veranda Racing
Veranda Racing
Veranda Racing


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