General PVC Coverings

Teloni Tosetto makes tarpaulins for small, medium and large generic covers.

Teloni Tosetto provides the companies that operate in the sector of rental and setting up of structures for events, but also companies that need to have areas / roofs / shelters inside their factory.

These are roofs for galvanized iron, aluminum and steel structures used for:

  • warehouses and storage / warehousing,
  • structures for fairs and events.

Teloni Tosetto works on the customer’s drawings or, through its technical office, is able to draw up a design to be used for the realization of the covering sheet.

Based on the specific needs of the customer, fabrics with different technical characteristics are provided, such as:

  • fire resistant,
  • wind resistance,
  • issued with the related statements.

The cost estimate is formulated following an inspection by one of our technicians in order to be able to personally see the type of work to be performed and then be able to evaluate, together with the customer, the most suitable solution in terms of functionality, aesthetics and cost.

Coperture Generiche in PVC
Coperture Generiche in PVC
Coperture Generiche in PVC


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