Covers for Containment Basins

Packaging and installation of solutions for the collection of rainwater to be used for irrigation, basins for the sector of fish farming or ornamental basins (ponds in golf courses or gardens).

Packaging and installation of solutions for the collection of rainwater to be used for irrigation, basins for the sector of fish farming or ornamental basins (ponds in golf courses or gardens).

The PVC coated fabric (more simply PVC tarpaulin) is a technical product with innumerable application possibilities, both in the home and in the company. Teloni Tosetto, thanks to its technical knowledge and its thirty-year experience in working with PVC tarpaulins, has perfected the technology for the use of reinforced PVC tarpaulin (in various colors), or alternatively in two-color IDROEVA ®) in the waterproofing of basins water containment for the most varied uses, in any shape and size.

In particular, the IDROEVA ® sheath belongs to a range of EVA / C sheets, a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate, with a high VA content, with excellent characteristics of elasticity, and therefore of adaptation to small roughness of the ground, resistance to perforation and surface yield, thanks to the specific weight of only 0.52 kg / m2. The tarpaulins used as ground cover and base for the construction of the artificial basin, are specially packaged, pre-assembled in the factory, treated with anti-UV stabilization additives and against the proliferation of micro-algae and endowed with extremely waterproof characteristics. Formulations suitable for food use (for drinking water basins) are also available, and it is possible to check the compatibility with aggressive chemical substances in solution from time to time.

bacini di contenimento

The uses are the most various and the mention of some is to be considered only as an example but not exhaustive:

  • In the agricultural sector they can serve as complementary water reserves for irrigation, which are particularly useful in periods of drought or in regions where rainfall is scarce;
  • in the field of environmental protection they can serve as water reserves for the refueling of fire-fighting vehicles on wheels or helicopters;
  • in the production sector they can serve, depending on the needs, as water reserves, as a rainwater collection basin for water saving, as a security site in case of sudden need to contain any type of liquids, such as storage site for various materials and IN PARTICULAR WAY for the storage of waste;
  • in the building and urban furnishing sectors, they can allow technical or aesthetic achievements: from the fountain to the pond in parks for public and private gardens or in golf courses, from setting up to covering pools, from the container for water recovery rainwater to waterproofing various pipelines.
  • in the livestock sector, as basins for fish farms;

In more specific situations they can be used for the creation of wetlands near river parks, for the creation and maintenance of a particular natural habitat for certain types of flora and fauna, or as “containers” for expansion in the event of floods (above all near abandoned quarries consequently to the extraction of inert material and particularly in riverbeds).

The creation of these basins does not know any limitations of shape and size; allows a total adaptability to the characteristics of the soil so that the flow of liquids can take place both in and out.
For any realization and purpose, Teloni Tosetto guarantees the quality of the materials and the professionalism of the workmanship, working with scruple to obtain the maximum functionality of the products and the complete satisfaction of the Customer.


It is a customized product, cut and welded to specific customer needs.
For dimensions beyond certain measures, our assistance service is available. Specialized technicians who supervise the correct drafting of the sheets and provide heat-sealing on site.



For the waterproofing of the water basins, a membrane of ethylene and vinyl acetate of 520 g / m2 is used, with excellent elasticity characteristics to adapt to the small roughness of the ground.
The sheets are pre-welded at the plant with the use of high-frequency welding machines.


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