Teloni Tosetto makes the cover for the new Still semi-trailer



Teloni Tosetto makes the cover for the new Still semi-trailer

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Teloni Tosetto has tailored the new cover for the Still Carrelli Elevatori semi-trailer
The collaboration between Teloni Tosetto and Pavelli Rimorchi led to the realization of a large tailor-made project: a semi-trailer and related tarpaulin cover for a company operating in the logistics sector for Still, in the Czech Republic. Still is the leading company in the design and production of forklift trucks, warehouse machines and integrated logistics.

The semi-trailer built for Still is characterized by a functional structure, with hydraulic central platform characterized by the possibility of lowering it completely to allow a load space in height of 3 meters and 60 cm and the loading of forklifts both from the back and from the side. The double rear loading ramp with hydraulic movement allows lifting loads which weigh up to 18 tons. The semi-trailer, with a total capacity of up to 23 tons, has a total height of 4 meters and an exclusive cover / uncover roof with hydraulic lowering / raising, extendable rear platforms and sliding central platforms. This particular structure is also reflected in the tarpaulin cover, designed and tailored by Teloni Tosetto.

The material was printed in four colors with anchorage both with steel ratchets and with elastic to allow a functional and practical rear and side opening.

An important collaboration experience for Teloni Tosetto which has been for over 35 years in the production of covers and tarpaulins for trucks.