Panda Raid 2017: the start of the 9th edition in Madrid



Panda Raid 2017: the start of the 9th edition in Madrid

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In 2017 the 9th edition of the Panda Raid will start from Madrid. Over 100 crews will take part in this important charity / humanitarian event.

The engines for the edition number 9 of the Panda Raid are warmed up. Teloni Tosetto supports the Italian crew composed by Federico Didonè and E. Marchetti – Team 71, who will start in Madrid in March 2017 along with over 100 other crews from all over the world ready to try out their hand at this international charity event.

The solidarity and the strong humanitarian value of the race were two important reasons that pushed Teloni Tosetto to support the Italian team in this unique adventure race.

The tour will include 7 stages, over 3000 km and will end in southern Morocco, in the city of Marrakech. Let’s see the main features that have brought prestige to this amateur race over time:

  • Racing on a 4 × 4 Panda (also Marbella): the adventure in a symbolic vehicle in the history of the automobile;
  • navigation tools: zero technology, only a compass, the Roadbook and the intuition of the participants;
  • scoring system: evaluate the navigation (with respect to each control point) and the average speed in some parts of the route;
  • competition terrain: southern Morocco, slopes and sandy areas, glimpses of desert and landscapes from the endless horizon

Each stage will be different with regards to difficulty, terrain and number of kilometers. Target? Adventure, nature and unspoiled landscapes. Morocco is the main scenario of the Panda Raid and in this territory the physical and mental skills of the teams as well as the mechanical stress of the vehicles in the race will be put to the test. What matters isn’t time or speed: Panda Raid means reaching the goal.

Each stage has only two strong points, start and finish, what happens in between them is uncertainty. Using the developed offline tour system, all crews are expected to organize their own race path to fully experience the raid,: a choice that exposes to obstacles and difficulties to be faced and overcome in order to proceed on the path. Those who participate in the Panda Raid, however, can count on a large team of professionals, including doctors, expert classifiers and in logistics, prepared to ensure the safety and success of the event in the various phases of the route.

The Panda Raid Italia organization has as its primary objective the collaboration for the development of the school and of the educational / training activities in south Morocco. This humanitarian aim is the expression and will of the “Southern Way Association”. To compensate for the shortcomings manifested by Moroccan schools, each team will donate 20 kg of school supplies: backpacks, pencil cases, pencils, erasers, notebooks, computers, monitors, equipment and sportswear. How? With a completely transparent action: the materials will be loaded on the pandas by the various teams and offered to schools during the third stage of the raid.