Sliding Walls

Teloni Tosetto creates sliding PVC walls for the closure of canopies, canopies, loading / unloading areas, arcades of any size..

These are PVC sliding sheets complete with windbreaks, trolleys and floor bolts that guarantee stability in the presence of wind.

With the sliding walls for outdoor you can create a minimalist design, thus combining clean lines and functionality. The PVC sheet is waterproof and resistant to atmospheric agents. It can be customized in color and combined with transparent PVC to create windows and make interior spaces brighter.

In the industrial sector, sliding walls are ideal for delimiting the warehouse or other spaces.

The cost estimate is formulated following an inspection by one of our technicians in order to be able to personally see the type of work to be performed and then be able to evaluate, together with the customer, the most suitable solution in terms of functionality, aesthetics and cost.

Pareti mobili scorrevoli
Pareti mobili scorrevoli


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