Mobile Industrial Closures

For the supply and assembly of fixed and mobile industrial roofs and flexible rapid closing systems, Teloni Tosetto has developed a partnership with a leading company in the sector.
It is a consolidated collaboration over time that combines experience and professionalism with competence and timeliness.

The mobile roofing or otherwise known as mobile tunnels or sliding curtains, are the appropriate solution for the needs to cover and store goods of various kinds. Self-supporting tunnels, front tunnels, lame tunnels and connecting tunnels are the possible solutions that Teloni Tosetto can offer.

Rapid closure systems, on the other hand, are the ideal solution for companies that have to move frequently and quickly, with men and vehicles through openings. They can be installed close to an opening of a structure or a mobile tunnel, both internally and externally. This type of closure considerably lowers the dispersion of heat or cold, depending on the environment, contributes to sound insulation and does not occupy space thanks to its vertical movement. In the event of a power failure or emergency, thanks to an ANTI-PANIC SYSTEM, the door opens automatically by means of a counterbalance balancing system, freeing the passage and rapidly favoring the exit of people and eventually of the vehicles.

For each type of product all the documentation required by law is issued.
Teloni Tosetto guarantees a prompt and punctual after – sales assistance service.

In the video, the assembly of a box car / packaging tunnel::


These are customized products tailor-made to the customer and therefore suited to their needs.


Technical sheet QUICK WINDING DOOR
TUNNEL Technical Sheet Part 1
TUNNEL Technical Sheet Part 2

Chiusure Industriali Mobili
Chiusure Industriali Mobili
Chiusure Industriali Mobili


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